Updates to Printavo for iOS iPhone (and Three Additional Fixes to Printavo)

New Feature

We've recently deployed updates to the Printavo iPhone app which include:

  • Allow uploading & taking pictures for mockups
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • Barcode scanning (for Premium subscribers)
  • Added PO Number field to created and editing orders
  • Allow attaching of mockups to line items using your Library or Camera
  • When viewing a customer, added the ability to create a New Quote
  • Bug fixed when searching on Invoices and Customers
  • Fix for mockups on Invoices

Updates to Printavo:

  • Calendar spacing fix.
    • When changing statuses on the calendar, empty spaces will be automatically filled to make orders more readable.
  • Box label printing.
    • Sizing for box labels when printing has been fixed to fill a 4x6" label.
  • History in purchase orders.
    • Purchase Order history is now correctly recording changes to its status.
  • Customer email added to Zapier.
    • When using "Update Quote/Invoice" or "New Quote/Invoice Trigger", you will now be able to use the associated customer's email address for that order.

We strive for continuous improvement at Printavo, but we need your help to make Printavo even better. Have a great idea or an issue you'd like us to address? We're listening. Please head to the Printavo Ideas page.

You can always check in on the latest updates here.

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